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To facilitate the delivery of world class advances in medical care through world class advances in hospital operations.

Improving the quality of patient care. Educating students, doctors, nurses, and hospital leaders. Sharing knowledge with the medical and academic communities.

We use machine learning, mathematical optimization, simulation, and a variety of statistical, probabilistic, and computational tools.


Featured SURF News

Check out the American Mathematical Society’s article about and interview with Dr. David Scheinker, SURF’s founder and director! The link to the article is here, and you can see the video embedded below.

SURF is launching a collaboration with the Stanford Medicine Center for Improvement. Learn more about them here:

The goal of the Stanford Medicine Center for Improvement is to become the best at getting better. Please join them as they create a community of improvers – inclusive of everyone in the Stanford Medicine community in all disciplines and at all levels. They will inspire and accelerate the delivery of consistent, excellent care across Stanford Medicine, inspiring and sharing their learnings with others everywhere. Their aims are to 1) drive improvement key performance indicators in value at Stanford Medicine; 2) develop the next generation of leaders in improving health; 3) generate and share new knowledge related to improvement in health delivery across Stanford and beyond; 4) enhance Stanford Medicine’s reputation for excellence in improving the health and well-being of themselves and of the people they serve through collaborative, team-based work; and 5) ensure their continued leadership in the knowledge economy, by investing in internal knowledge generation and sharing throughout Stanford Medicine.