Improving Management of Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes with Continuous Glucose Monitoring 

Presentation at the 2022 annual SURF Gala

Continuous glucose monitoring provides patients and clinicians with more information to better manage diabetes. However, this high resolution data can be overwhelming, with nearly 100 glucose readings per patient every single day. The TIDE platform guides clinicians to the most important data, and to the patients who will most benefit from outreach. 

This ongoing SURF project is now integrating data from a wearable, including heart rate and activity. These metrics will enhance clinicians’ ability to diagnose the cause of high and low glucose readings. In addition, TIDE is building out capabilities for directly texting patient families via SMS in order to improve accessibility of the intervention. TIDE is also transitioning from a Tableau-based dashboard to a Python-based one that will be more easily scaled to other institutions through our open source codebase.

Michelle Xie

MBA ‘22

Neil Rens

MD/MBA ‘22

David Scheinker

Founder & Director, SURF Stanford Medicine