Reducing Pre-Analytical Lab Errors in the Pediatric Population 

Presentation at the 2022 annual SURF Gala

A lab error is a failure to obtain an accurate result from a lab sample, which can occur during ordering, testing, analyzing, and/or displaying the final result of processing the lab sample. Lab errors often require additional access to central lines, which potentially increase central-line infections. Lab errors also may require additional peripheral draws, which are sometimes traumatic for pediatric patients. The project aims to reduce the number of lab draw errors conducted by nurses at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital thereby reducing patient trauma, patient transfusions, and additional valuable RN time required to redraw.

Jad Abdel Jawad

BS Bioengineering

MS Management Science & Engineering

Daniel Lee

MS Management Science & Engineering

David Scheinker

Founder & Director, SURF Stanford Medicine