Managing Type 1 Diabetes — TIDE

TIDE is platform for algorithm-enabled personalized type 1 diabetes care at population-scale collaboration between SURF Stanford Medicine, Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, Pediatric Endocrinology, Management Science and Engineering, Statistics, and Computer Science

The Stanford diabetes and engineering teams developed and tested the Teamwork, Targets, and Technology for Tight Control (4T Study) to translate tighter glucose control to newly diagnosed Pediatric T1D patients via a pragmatic research grant (NIDDK – R18DK122422). The 4T study used:

  1. a unified and consistent approach by a multidisciplinary team;
  2. clear communication of glucose targets to patients and families;
  3. monitoring of the population to detect deteriorating glucose control followed by rapid intensification of therapy; and
  4. an equitable approach to care and technology.

The 4T program leverages the diabetes care team to more efficiently utilize the vast CGM data (values every 5 minutes; 288 data points/day) through remote monitoring with the Timely Interventions for Diabetes Excellence (TIDE) platform. TIDE uses sophisticated algorithms to extract information from CGM data and a dashboard to display the full population in actionable categories with personalized metrics (e.g., hypoglycemia or decreasing time in range). The diabetes care team uses TIDE to target care and education touchpoints precisely to at-risk individuals.

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